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LogicCoder online tutorial is design to help you easily navigate to relevant information about LogicCoder and the concepts of Computer Flowcharting and their practical application. There are also relevant hands-on exercise materials which you can download and use to aid your learning experience and understanding. The tutorial system lets you go step-by-step through sequenced topics on the concept and principles of Program Flowcharting and in learning how to use LogicCoder to design program flowcharts, place text in each symbol, edit their text content and control logic, save and retrieve their text content, and abstract their control logic. The tutorial also teaches you how to use LogicExtractor online system to upload source code in order to get their LogicCoder flowchart extracted.

The tutorial consist of 7 web pages, excluding this one. The first three web pages teaches you about the principles of program flowcharting and program problem solution technique. The last 4 pages teaches you how to use LogicCoder to develop a program flowchart and generate code in BASIC and ANSI C++ from it.

At the end of going through these tutorials you should
Be able to give a concise definition of a Computer program Flowchart
Be able to list the set of standard ISO symbols used for representing Program Flowcharts
State the Advantages and Disadvantages of using Flowcharts to represent the Control Logic of a Computer Program

Most, it not all information in these tutorial are taken from user reference manual, technical reference manual and tutorial manual for LogicCoder. You can get a hard copy of these manuals by making a purchase of the tutorial version of LogicCoder for US$123.00. You can do this purchase online.

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