LogicCoder is a GUI system that integrates Software Systems Design, Coding, Maintenance and Documentation. It helps you to develop systems where the focus and emphasis is on the operational quality of your system. It does this by helping you to shift the focus of the product to that of correctness of design, documentation, accuracy and quality of source code. Code logic design, code writing, documentation and maintenance is automated, integrated and presented in a single document interface. There are less chances of committing errors. Can also be used with LogicExtractor to analyze existing source code for correctness and documentation of logic design using structured flowcharts. LogicCoder is reliable and easy to use. Our online tutorial is also available as a free download.

You can also use our online service to convert your ANSI C++, PHP, JavaScript or Java source code to flowcharts in Ms Excel documents format. You can then use LogicCoder to edit the control logic generated by LogicExtractor. LogicCoder will generate code from the flowchart in the original source language or in other languages. LogicCoder is designed to make Program Design, Review, Coding, Testing, Documentation, and Maintenance much easier by integrating these processes into a single document interface. Hence, LogicCoder is a high valued Productivity.

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